Secrets about dieting - Part Two

Why do those pounds always pile back on? Which plan is really the best and is there any point in counting calories? Here are a few tips the other weight-loss gurus won’t tell you…

You can actually eat a lot
Too many of us view going on a diet as a bad thing, but it’s quite easy to put a positive spin on it, if you imagine all the things you can eat that are healthy and delicious. Think of all the fish, fresh fruit & vegetables you can eat to your heart’s content.

Denial can cause you to crave
There’s always a lot of talk about “restraint theory”. This means that if you deny yourself food, you will just want to eat it more and end up overeating when you do have it. Make sure you avoid falling into this trap by planning ahead and removing foods from your diet. You can then re-introduce them slowly, but avoid eating the amounts you did previously.

Fruit juice doesn’t help
Fruit juice is high in sugars. Despite being natural, fruit juice is artificially pulped which can increase toxic liver fat; so if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain health try and stick to water. Yes fruit is full of vital nutrients; but stick to healthy, unadulterated fruit rather than juice.

Support is important
Don’t just set out on your own to do something weird and wacky. Make sure you seek help if you need it, whether through your GP, nurse, pharmacist, gym or slimming club. Motivation is always a tough factor when trying to lose weight, so never be afraid to ask for help. Support can play a big part in losing weight.

Understand your personality
Our personalities can always play a part in our weight gain. Do you eat at the wrong times? Find yourself snacking in the evening? It’s important you understand how this affects you and how it can cause weight gain. If you begin to understand the behavioural side of eating, you can start to create healthy habits to replace the bad ones.