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Vitamins are found naturally in organic food substances such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. The human body is unable to build or synthesize vitamins on its own. For this reason, it is essential that we obtain the right vitamins through our diet to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

In the modern world, it's not always easy to eat the healthiest meals, or even consume our recommended 5 portions of vegetables and fruit to ensure we take in the optimum amount of vitamins. For this reason, many people consider taking vitamins to supplement their diets and make sure they have the optimum intake to maintain a healthy body.

Many ailments can derive from a deficiency in a certain vitamin. Certain vitamins have been found to help varying problems, for example:

  • Stress, pollution, illness, alcohol, caffeine, medication, processed foods and sugar, can all deprive your body of B vitamins.
  • Many believe that regularly taking Vitamin C, either through diet or as a supplement, can help fend off the common cold, aid recovery of sporting injuries and help anaemia sufferers.
  • Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin which is important for maintaining calcium levels in the blood and can help maintain healthy skin.


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