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Give Your Body a Boost with a Natural Detox

If you bought in the New Year with a detox diet, the arrival of summer is the perfect time to concentrate on detoxing from the outside in. Have a look at these tips for a natural way to get gorgeous skin from head to toe.

Banish that under-eye baggage, dispel those upper-thigh dimples and say hello to clear, refreshed skin with an outer-body detox. Any beauty expert knows that a detox doesn't have to be an inside-out process. In fact, there is plenty you can do to breathe new life into your skin, by detoxing from the outside-in.

Brush up
One of the reasons many people start a detox is with the aim of combating cellulite, but it's possible to fight cellulite naturally without a major upheaval to your diet. Use a body brush every day before your bath or shower for smooth skin with minimal effort. Starting at your feet and working up your legs, brush in upward movements without applying too much pressure. Carry on across your thighs, hips and bottom, and take extra care around the bust.

Boosting blood flow through massage and brushing not only helps to detox your skin, but can also improve your overall feeling of wellbeing. Anything that gets the blood moving can help you to feel lighter and brighter, including brushing. But don't stop there. To remove the dead skin that can make your body look dull and dry, exfoliate with a body scrub to cleanse and moisturise tired skin.

Home spa
Create a relaxing home spa in the comfort of your own bathroom at a fraction of the cost of a spa resort. To begin, make your bathroom calm and peaceful by dimming the lights, lighting candles and listening to some peaceful music. Run the taps and add a third of a cup of bath salts, a third of a cup of sea salt, a third of a cup of baking soda, and finally, a few drops of lavender oil. Relax in the tub for 15-20 minutes, allowing the salt to soak into your pores. Make sure you have plenty of fluffy warm towels to hand for a touch of luxury.
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