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Holiday Health Kit Part 3: Sunburn

Words: Dr Shamim Daya
Dr Shamim Daya is a qualified GP who takes a holistic view of health and has trained in homeopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine. She practises at the Wholistic Medical Centre in London. Find out more at

Don't let holiday health complaints get in the way of a good time with these natural remedies and advice.

Despite knowing the risks involved, many of us still try to get a tan whilst we're on holiday, and according to a survey by Mintel, 66% of us admit to having been sunburnt in the last year.

Suncream is an essential item for your trip abroad. It should be a minimum of SPF15 and, during a two week holiday, you should be getting through at least five to six bottles of sunscreen. The sun is at its strongest between 11am and 3pm, so it is best to avoid it during this time, however, if this is unavoidable, be sure to cover up with a hat and T-shirt.

Aloe vera gel can help to soothe over exposed skin should you get burnt. Completely avoid the sun and apply the gel two to three times a day.

When to get medical help
If you are experiencing intense pain, your skin begins to blister or you begin to feel dizzy and nauseous, see a doctor.
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