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Tips for a Healthy, Happy Gut: Part Two

When someone isn't happy, their gut is less than tranquil too. In fact it's our digestion that tells us when we're emotionally stressed more than any other system in our bodies. Take a look at our tips to keep your gut healthy.

1. Constipation
What is this?
Having hard stools that you can't pass very often is uncomfortable and leads to a feeling of pressure within your stomach and bloating.

What can cause this?
Constipation occurs when the muscular activity in the gut is slowed down. Dehydration can play a part, but the main cause is said to be more down to behavioural issues. This can even be as much as being uncomfortable going to the toilet in other people's homes. If you're there for a while this will hinder your ability to go, and the longer you put it off, the harder the stools become.

What should I do?
Exercise can help. It's also important to make sure you drink plenty of fluids as well as cutting down on your alcohol consumption. It's vital that when the urge to go to the toilet comes, you don't ignore it. Make sure you have breakfast as this will help the colon start to contract and can regulate your bowel habit.

If you're constipated, you could try taking a gentle laxative or opt for psyllium husks which may help to soften the stool.

2. Diarrhoea
What is this?
When you have diarrhoea, the stools are looser and their flow through the colon is too rapid meaning it doesn't have time to dry them out.

What can cause this?
It's actually an evolutionary response to stress, with mild or severe symptoms. Diet can also have its part to play with certain fruits such as apples and pears, as well as high fibre vegetables having an impact. Too much alcohol, most notably beer and red wine, can also be an issue.

What should I do?
It's important to try and avoid putting yourself under lots of stress, especially if you have a history of diarrhoea in these situations. If you know you're stomach is weak, try and avoid the aforementioned foods.
If you have an oversensitive gut; soup, white rice and pasta can help as they're less irritating. Also make sure you drink enough water to prevent dehydration.
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