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Facelift in your fridge

You don't need to spend a fortune on locations, potions or serums - the secret to anti-ageing could be hiding in your leftovers.

Shop for your skin
Restricting food groups can have a negative effect on your skin. Rather than limiting the foods you eat, you need to up your intake of certain food groups if you want to see a difference in your skin. Your skin is the last organ in your body to benefit from the nutrients you derive from what you eat. Vitamins and minerals will go to your brain and internal organs first, where you can't necessarily see the benefits.' So to improve your skin, you need to increase the amount of nutrients you're taking in.

A healthy, balanced diet is a great place to begin, but including some of the following wrinkle-busting foods will help reveal smoother, softer skin - without the wallet-busting price tag.

This is required for repairing every organ in your body. The amino acids in protein form the building blocks of cells - particularly so with the skin. Protein also helps form the skin's support structures, collagen and elastin.

Wholegrain carbs
Wholegrain foods are rich in selenium, a mineral that research shows may help lessen DNA sun damage and age spots.

Fruit & Veg
Opt for fruit and vegetables bursting with antioxidants. These are crucial for skin health as they provide vital vitamins and protect skin from damage from ageing free radicals, such as environmental pollutants, smoking, drinking, poor diet and sunlight.

The fruit and veg with the most intense colours are richest in antioxidants.
The water in fresh fruit and vegetables provides a steady supply as you digest it. Colourful fruits and vegetables also concentrate their water with nutrients, making it valuable - it's the best form of water for your cells because it stays in your system long enough for your body to put it to good use.

There are four processes involved in ageing, one of which is inflammation. Turmeric is a known anti-inflammatory, so it could help fight the signs of ageing.

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