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Secrets about your hair: Part 2

Keep your locks looking luscious with our top expert tips

6. Work from the bottom up

If you have hair that tangles easily, you should always work from the bottom up when brushing. This helps to reduce the amount of puling on the hair, which can cause tension to the hair follicles and breakage.

7. Women can lose hair too
Hair loss - also known as alopecia - can be genetic. It visibly affects men, but it can also affect women too. Menopause decreases the amount of oestrogen, causing the cycles in which hair grows to become shorter and slower. This can make it seem like the hair is suddenly falling out or becoming thinner.

8. Supplements could help
Nothing can help us prevent genetically imposed hair loss, but there are some measures yo can take to help prevent unnecessary hair loss. Leading a healthy lifestyle, eating a varied diet of fresh fruit, vegetables and supplements like whey protein may help to keep hair healthy and strong.

9. Give your scalp some TLC
For healthy hair you need a healthy scalp. However, things like sun damage, fragranced hair products, colourants and allergic reactions can cause the scalp to flake. Supplements such as vitamin A and essential fatty acids are needed for healthy skin, and their benefits extend to the scalp. Try applying an oil-based product like sweet almond oil* topically to counteract a dry, flaking scalp. If you have problems that are more severe than mild itching - such as burning, redness or broken skin - consult a doctor or trichologist.

10. Combating grey
Grey hair occurs naturally through the aging process, when the pigment that gives hair its colour stops being produced. Dye can be damaging, so rather than colouring your hair, try a shorter style that is more youthful.

*oils should be diluted before direct use on the skin. Always read the label if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or under medical supervision, consult your doctor before taking supplements.
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