This category displays products which contain bacterial cultures that provide an additional source of the micro-organisms that are naturally found throughout the digestive system.

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90 Tablets

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120 Capsules

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240g Sachet

Raspberries & Cream

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100 Chewables


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340g Powder

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Currently showing products 1 to 12 of 31 products.
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Acidophilus is the name given to a group of beneficial bacteria (probitotics) found naturally in the gut that aid healthy digestion. Probiotics are live micro organisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, may help to maintain healthy intestinal flora. Intestinal flora has a vital role in digestion and helping to destroy harmful bacteria that may lead to infection. When in a sugar rich environment acidophilus consume sugar, converting it into other substances including lactic acid.

Acidophilus: the gut friendly bacteria

This gut-friendly bacteria is naturally present in a range of foods. One such food is yoghurt and it is in fact the lactic acid created by acidophilus that gives this food its slightly sour taste. Holland & Barrett stocks a range of probiotic acidophilus products including thick and delicious EasiYo yoghurtthat you can make fresh at home as well as acidophilus capsules, available in 100mg packs of 100, 120, 200 and 250 capsules in regular and chewable varieties.

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