Folic Acid
Folic Acid

Folic Acid is a B Vitamin which contributes to normal maternal tissue growth during pregnancy. Folic Acid supplements are therefore regularly taken by pregnant women. Folic acid is also required for a number of other functions within the body; browse this category to discover more.

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Folic Acid

Folic acid (sometimes referred to as vitamin B9) is one of eight B vitamins important for growth and development in the body, especially during pregnancy.

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B Vitamins

All B vitamins, including folic acid, are water soluble. This means that they are not stored in the body, so you must get them from your diet instead. B vitamins help to convert carbohydrate into glucose, which is then burned by the body to produce energy.

B vitamins are also used by the body to metabolise fats and proteins, as well as supporting healthy nervous system function.

The Importance of Folic Acid

Folic acid is an essential B vitamin for supporting normal cell division, especially during periods of rapid growth (infancy, adolescence, pregnancy). For this reason, multivitamins for children frequently include folic acid. Women planning on trying for a baby are also advised by the government to take the supplement.

Before Pregnancy

Women who are trying to conceive are advised to take a 400mcg supplement of folic acid until they are 12 weeks pregnant. The NHS also recommends getting the following vitamins and minerals in your diet: iron, vitamin C, calcium, and 10mcg of vitamin D.

During Pregnancy

As mentioned, 400mcg of folic acid is advised until the twelfth week of pregnancy, but after this it can still be found in other dietary sources. Foods providing folic acid include spinach, spring greens, brown rice and fortified cereals.

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