Essential Oils
Essential Oils

Essential Oils are used in Aromatherapy treatments and can help to enhance the mood of the user. Our range of Essential Oils are available in 10ml, 20ml and 30ml sizes.

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Currently showing products 45 to 49 of 49 products.
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Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Essential oils are powerfully aromatic oils derived from natural botanical matter like plants and herbs.

The practice of Aromatherapy uses pure essential oils to promote physical and mental wellbeing through the power of the beautifully scented oils. This practice dates as far back as the times of the Romans, Egyptians and Ancient Greeks; in fact aromatics were so important to the Egyptians that they had a dedicated God of Fragrance and Perfume!

Essential Oil Properties

From calming Ylang Ylang oil to invigorating Lemon oil, relaxing Lavender oil, and soothing Tea Tree oil: each has its own characteristic properties. Ranging in aromatic strength from mild to strong, they can be used individually or in a blend of several complimentary oils to suit your mood.

Some oils have antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic or anti-inflammatory qualities, whilst others can have a positive effect on skin tone.

Essential Oil Uses

Aromatherapists use essential oils in a range of ways, depending on the type of oil and the reason for its use. The main uses (or applications) are:


(not for asthmatics)- Some essential oils can be evaporated through the use of an essential oil burner or other vaporising appliance*. Eucalyptus oil, for example, is often used in this way when suffering with congestion and sinus pain.


- Massage is the most common way to use essential oils*. Almond oil, for example, is thought to have nourishing and moisturising properties; whilst Grapeseed oil is thought to be beneficial for oily skin.


- One or two drops of an essential oil into your bath* can relax, rejuvenate or nourish your skin, depending on the oil. Peppermint oil, for example, makes a lovely soothing bath for tired feet.

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As the UK's leading vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements supplier, Holland & Barrett is a name you can trust to provide you with the finest quality essential oil products. Buy online now to benefit from our great value prices.

*WARNING: Some essential oils are toxic when inhaled or applied directly to the skin undiluted. Please check the labels before use and if you are unsure check with your GP. Pregnant women should always check with their GP before using any essential oil.

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