Colon Cleanse
Colon Cleanse

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Currently showing products 23 to 34 of 57 products.
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Colon Cleanse

The colon is a part of the human body that can easily get overlooked, but the health of your colon is important for your overall wellbeing.

Holland & Barrett stock a number of colon cleanse products to support your body's natural cleansing processes.

A Happy and Healthy Colon

There are a number of conditions that can affect the colon. Mild discomfort is commonly caused by bloating, changes in bowel movement, and wind. There is no one reason which causes any of these symptoms, as it varies by individual.

Beat the Bloat

Eating a healthy diet is often the first step to "beating the bloat". This involves consuming foods full of natural fibre: wholemeal bread, fruit, vegetables, beans, and oats. However, in order to let your body do its job, water is also required in your diet.

Fibre absorbs water like a sponge, so it is best to drink at least a glass of water for each meal you have in the day.

Some people may notice that certain fibrous foods - such as beans, broccoli, and onions make them feel bloated. These can be substituted with other healthy foods that do not lead to the same effect.

Regulate your Bowel

Changes in bowel movements often occur from poor eating habits, a sudden change in diet, stress, or a lack of exercise. Getting into a healthier routine may regulate your bowel movements, as well as keeping them more consistent.

Going on holiday can lead to a sudden change in diet for some people, so it is important to consume plenty of fibre and water whilst abroad. Sometimes eating food you are not used to can cause these changes, especially if you are eating spicy meals, or food that is high in fat.

Other health conditions can affect your bowel movements; any specific concerns should be discussed with a medical professional.

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Holland & Barrett stocks a wide range of colon cleanse products from charcoal capsules to prunes. Buy online now to benefit from our great value prices.

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