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20ml Liquid

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84 Pillules

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84 Pillules

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24 Sachets

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84 Pillules

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72 Tablets

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28capsules Box

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Currently showing products 12 to 23 of 42 products.
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Homeopathic remedies are suitable for the whole family to use, as they are made to be both gentle and non-addictive.

Holland & Barrett stocks a range of homeopathic products from pastilles to creams.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathic products are mainly produced from natural ingredients such as plants and minerals, making them gentle enough for adults and children alike.

Over the counter remedies are most commonly labelled as either 6C or 30C. These descriptions indicate how diluted the active ingredient is; for example, 6C has undergone six steps in a series of dilutions. Each step involves adding 1 part of the active ingredient to 99 parts of water or alcohol, meaning that 30C is more diluted than 6C.

The History of Homeopathy

The common belief in homeopathy is that the remedy becomes more potent the more it is diluted. These observations have been recorded since the 18 th century, but homeopathy began its journey long before this.

The idea dates back to Hippocrates between 460-377 BC. However, it wasn't until the 18th century that German physician Samuel Hahnemann devised the basis of homeopathy that we know today.

Homeopathy Uses

Homeopathic products are used for a number of health complaints. Holland & Barrett stocks a variety of products including the customer favourite Clikpak Arnica, as well as the soothing Rescue Remedy and Rescue Pastilles.

Buy Homeopathic Products from Holland & Barrett

As the UK's leading supplier of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements, Holland & Barrett is a name you can trust to provide you with the finest quality homeopathic products. Shop by category today to find products that may be useful for you.

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