Men's Health
Men's Health

Browse through a terrific selection of formulas made just for men. Whether young or old, into fitness or just looking to stay healthy, our Men's Health range will have the right Vitamin, Mineral or Supplement for you.

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Currently showing products 1 to 12 of 45 products.
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Men's Health

From everyday nutritional requirements to sexual health, men's health needs can vary significantly to women's. Holland & Barrett stocks a wide range of supplements formulated especially for men to help you get the most out of your daily life.

Men's Health: Nutrition

Men's bodies typically require more calories than women simply because they are bigger and have more mass to support. The recommended daily calorie intake is 2,500 for men and 2,000 for women.

Diet is an important part of maintaining good health and men should aim to eat a variety of foods to get all the essential nutrients their bodies need. It is often recommended to base meals on starchy foods and try to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. It's also important to consume more fish, less saturated fat and sugar, and to reduce salt - no more than 6g a day.

Nuts, seeds and dried fruit make excellent alternatives to snacks like biscuits, crisps and chocolate which can be high in sugar, salt and fat.

Many men choose to take vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements to support the natural functions of their body.

Men's Health: Sports and Fitness

Exercise is a vital component of good health. Whether it's regular sessions at the gym, cycling to work or exercise DVD's that you can do at home, every little effort helps to keep you fit.

Some men choose to support their exercise regime with sports nutrition supplements like whey protein or creatine, which are usually consumed in the form of a milkshake thanks to the use of a handy shaker bottle. Other popular sports nutrition products include amino acid supplements like L-Arginine Capsules and L-Glutamine Tablets.

Men's Sexual Health

Having a fulfilling sex life can be an important element to many men's lives and with it maintaining good sexual health is essential. Holland & Barrett has a range of sexual health products from lubricants to food supplements; all of which have been designed to help increase your satisfaction, as well as that of your partner.

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