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Fat Burners

Holland & Barrett stock a variety of fat burners to support your diet, which include powders and capsules.

What are Fat Burners?

Fat Burners are a combination of stimulants, herbs and chemicals that increase body temperature, in order to aid the burning of a higher amount of calories during exercise. While some fat burners work by burning calories as heat, others state that they encourage the emission of adrenaline and increase metabolism.

Moreover, some fat burners act as a diuretic, which can help the body to release water and support a noticeable appearance of weight loss.

Additionally, there are fat burners that look to suppress appetite.


Holland & Barrett provide a wide choice of fat burners to help you achieve your weight goals when working out. Our most popular products include:

Holland & Barrett are committed to providing the highest quality when it comes to products for your health. Choose from our own branded products, as well as other notable brands to get the right fat burners for you.

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