Herbs & Spices

Herbs & Spices

Many herbs & spices have proved to offer exceptional health benefits, whilst adding a delicious edge to spice up mealtimes. Holland & Barrett supply a variety of dynamic flavours, including spicy cayenne pepper, garlic chips and warm ground nutmeg.


Herbs have long been linked to healthiness and wellbeing. Be it for their soothing fragrances, healing properties or tasty flavours, herbs are a useful source of nutrition. Used predominantly for their flavour; herbs add an interesting culinary input to your meals in addition to their health advantages.

A particular herb that Holland & Barrett offer is parsley. This Mediterranean herb is commonly used as an appetising garnish, and is recognised for it its rich vitamin content. Containing Vitamin C, B 12, A and K among others, parsley is effective for supporting the processes of the kidney.

Another herb within our selection is thyme. Thyme contains the essential oil thymol, which possesses antibacterial and anti-fungal abilities. There are also claims that thyme can be used to assist digestive health, respiratory health, as well as be soothing for the mouth and throat.


Alternatively, one exotic spice that Holland & Barrett supplies is turmeric. Turmeric is an ancient Indian spice that recent studies have praised for its remedial qualities. Containing curcumin composites, it’s an effective anti-inflammatory.

Another addition to our spice collection is cayenne pepper. An anti-irritant, cayenne pepper can provide relief against stomach problems. With its digestive abilities, cayenne pepper fuels the digestive area and aids the body’s capacity to absorb food. It has also been used to provide relief from allergy symptoms.

Other notable products that Holland & Barrett supply are:

Holland & Barrett is a commended supplier of delicious and nutritious herbs & spices. Browse by category to find what’s right for you.

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