Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey

Introducing Manuka Honey

Produced in New Zealand from the nectar of the Manuka tea-tree plant, Manuka honey has long been prized for its unique antimicrobial and nutritional qualities. Rich in amino acids, B vitamins and calcium to name but a few, it is unsurprisingly used as a key ingredient in many products such as juices, hot drinks, soaps, hair products and sweets. Historically it has also been used medicinally for aiding sore throats, skin conditions and digestion.

Of course, the honey can be eaten in its natural form and makes a delicious, sweet addition to tea or a topping for yoghurt or toast.

The good stuff

Raw and unfiltered, Manuka honey contains the following:

Amino Acids

B vitamins (B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid)










Similar to sunscreen having an SPF rating, Manuka Honey also has a rating system (UMF – Unique Manuka Factor) which indicates quality and purity as well as the non-peroxide activity level in the product. Honey with ratings of 10+ or higher is considered to contain ‘useful’ levels of activity. Honey labelled 16+ or higher is said to contain ‘superior’ levels.

Buy Manuka Honey from Holland & Barrett

Here at Holland and Barrett we stock a wide range of Manuka products including soaps, hair products, sweets, drinks, herbal elixirs and pure honey ranging from 0-30+ activity rating.

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