Molasses, or black treacle, is a viscid derivative of the process of refining sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar. Holland & Barrett offer a selection of molasses products to support your diet and daily regime.

What are Molasses?

Molasses is the residual substance created in the procedure of sugar refinement. Containing various substances, such as trace vitamins and minerals, molasses has been valued for its health benefits.

Although it varies in colour, sweetness and nutritional content depending on the amount of sugar that has been extracted, it usually appears in the form of thick, dark syrup, with a slightly bitter taste. Molasses have proved popular in the Southern United States and the Caribbean and has also been widely used as a sweetener through the United States.


Molasses are high in calcium: a mineral that plays a significant role in helping to develop and sustain strong teeth and bones, as well as contributing to proper muscle contraction and relaxation.

Molasses also contain magnesium: a mineral that is important in the activation of various enzymes throughout the body that normalise the functioning of the body.

Moreover, molasses are full of potassium, which contributes to enzyme stimulation in protein and carbohydrate absorption.


Holland & Barrett provide three molasses products to ensure that you receive the nutrients you need. These products are:

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