UMF Manuka Honey

UMF Manuka Honey

Introducing UMF Manuka Honey

The biological activity in Manuka honey varies; not all strains contain the unique biological properties that this honey is famed for. Strains from the Manuka bush, (Leptospermum Scoparium) in New Zealand, for example, are considered to be among the purest and most effective when compared to other strains.

To help guide consumers when purchasing Manuka products, the trademark and quality rating system known as the UMF or Unique Manuka Factor was created. This rating, aside from assuring quality and purity, also indicates the level of non-peroxide activity in the product using a number system – the higher the UMF number, the more ‘active’ that particular strain of honey is.

To help you decode the various Manuka honey labels, here is a basic breakdown of the UMF levels:

0-5 Undetectable activity
5-9 Low level activity
10-15 Useful levels of activity
16+ High levels of activity

Due to the high levels of beneficial enzymes found in the higher UMF rated strains, Manuka honey has been used and valued for thousands of years as a health-supporting medicinal product.

Buy UMF Organic Manuka Honey from Holland & Barrett

Here at Holland and Barrett we stock a selection of genuine UMF Manuka Honey gathered exclusively from New Zealand sources and varying from 5+ to 15+ in non-peroxide activity levels.

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