The free from navigation will refer you to products which do not contain the named allergen(s) in the ingredients listed. However, it does not guarantee that the products have not been contaminated by those allergens; and they may have been manufactured or stored in an environment where those allergens are present. In addition, product ingredients and place of manufacture can change. Please ensure you read all packaging and labels carefully on each occasion before consuming/using the products.

The “free from” sections will display products that are free from the specified allergen as an ingredient. Some of the products displayed however may be at risk of containing traces of the allergen due to manufacturing process. Therefore, severe allergy sufferers should select the extra checkbox “free of traces of” to eliminate the products that may contain trace amounts of the specified allergen. We also advise that you always review the actual product packaging for allergen warnings before consuming the product.

Free-From Lactose

Lactose intolerance is very specific meaning you need to avoid products containing milk sugars. We realise that it's not as simple as cutting dairy from your diet, so our specialist lactose-free range of foods, drinks and healthcare products have been carefully chosen to support a lactose-free lifestyle.

Holland & Barrett's expert free-from specialists have chosen nearly 900 products and put them all in one category, so you can quickly and easily find the Free-From lactose item you need.

You can trust our Free-From lactose product range to give you a massive range of quality items, which will support your health and wellbeing whilst you live a lactose-free lifestyle.

What Is In Our Free-From Lactose Range?

You'll find far more than dairy-replacement products in Holland & Barrett's Free-From lactose range (although we've got those here, too). In fact, our lactose-free product range includes snacks, cooking and baking ingredients, spreads, desserts, drinks, sweets, bars and skincare items.

Browse our range of nearly 900 Free-From lactose products to find exactly what you need, or take a look at our Free-From articles and recipes to find inspiration, help and support for you or a family member.

Why Use Our Free-From Lactose Range?

Lactose allergies and intolerances can be difficult to live with. We don't think it should be a struggle to shop for essentials, treats, snacks and healthcare products.

Whether you’re new to living a lactose-free lifestyle, or you’ve been looking for Free-From lactose items for many years, we are confident our range will support you with the products you can trust.

We hope you'll be pleasantly surprised by just how many items we've managed to pack into our reliably lactose-free product range. It's the UK's largest and most trusted selection of Free-From lactose items in-store and online.

Free-From Lactose Products

Our Free-From lactose range is always growing, so take a look and choose what you need from our massive range of Free-From lactose including:

  • Snacks and on-the-go treats
  • Sweets and lactose-free bars
  • Drinks, desserts and spreads
  • Cooking and baking ingredients
  • Healthcare, vitamins and super-foods

Holland & Barrett are the UK's leading supplier of Free-From lactose products constantly quality assured for your peace of mind. Browse our range of Free-From lactose products to find exactly what you need.

We have had a number of customers contact us asking about why items are featuring on the ‘Free From Nut’ page that contain Peanuts. Peanuts and Nuts are classed as 2 separate allergens and we have therefore filtered them as such. What we will do however is add in an additional filter so all customers can search by ‘Free From Nuts and Peanuts’ to make this an easier and more enjoyable shopping experience.

What are peanuts?

Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) is a member of the legume (bean) family. Other members of this family include soya beans, lentils and garden peas. It is rare for a peanut allergic person to react to soya or other beans and legumes, but many peanut allergic people will also be allergic to other tree nuts, for example brazil or hazel nuts, which are genetically unrelated. Peanuts grow from the ground rather than on trees, and are sometimes referred to as ground nuts.

What are ‘nuts’?

Nuts/Tree Nuts are actually a type of seed from plants, and come from a wide variety of different botanical families such as Rosaceae (almonds), Anacardiaceae (cashews), Proteaceae (macadamia nuts) or Lecythidaceae (Brazil nuts).

The distinction between tree nut and seed is not always clear. We often think of seeds as small seeds - like sesame seed, sunflower seed, poppy seed or pumpkin seed. In fact, coconut (including the husk and inner white flesh that we eat) is also a seed, albeit a very large one! This may explain why coconut is considered to be a tree nut in USA but a seed elsewhere.

We thank you for your feedback on this issue and hope that you can see that we have taken your points seriously and making changes to improve your experience on line.

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