Dr Organic Lavender


Lavender is a herb that has been used for a range of medicinal purposes due to the properties of its oil and flower. View the eclectic range of lavender products that Holland & Barrett provides: from lavender oil to body wash to conditioner, we’ll have something for you.

What is Lavender?

Lavender is an aromatic shrub belonging to the mint family. With slender leaves and conspicuous purple flowers, lavender has been used for a range of medicinal, therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.

Lavender derives from the Mediterranean and the Arabian Peninsula, yet today it is grown across the globe. English lavender is a popular species of the plant and is used widely for aromatherapy due to its healing benefits. With its sedating qualities, lavender is useful for inducing relaxation in the muscles and enhancing the mood.


Holland & Barrett provide a diverse selection of lavender products, which include essential oil, soap and hand wash. Some of our acclaimed products are:

Holland & Barrett are truly committed to providing quality assured products that have been devised to support your everyday health and wellbeing. You can browse by category now to identify the product that works for you.

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