Dr Organic

Dr Organic

Using premium organic and natural raw ingredients obtained from regions across the globe, Dr Organic have devised an extensive range of hair, oral and body care products to maintain your health and wellbeing. Holland & Barrett’s selection of Dr Organic products vary from body wash and toothpaste to hair treatment serum and more.

Dr Organic Range – Benefits

The Dr Organic range is both friendly to the skin and the environment, as it is based on the natural compounds that derive from herbs, plants, vitamins and minerals from around the world. All products develop from these raw ingredients and extracts, and have been certified as organic. Dr Organic skincare products offer the benefits of natural vitamins and minerals and are free from mineral oils and harmful chemicals.

Dr Organic Products

Rose Otto

A handful of our products derive from rose otto oil, which is extracted by steam distillation from the Rosa Damascena. It is loaded with antiviral, antiseptic, astringent and antidepressant properties, and works to increase confidence and mental power while countering depression. Used in aromatherapy as well as a lotion to directly replenish the skin and heal wounds, this versatile organic oil is acclaimed for its remedial and therapeutic capacities.


Our product range also descends from natural fruits such as the pomegranate. Hailed as a superfood, the pomegranate is renowned for its medical and cosmetic benefits. Its antimicrobial, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory qualities mean that it nourishes and promotes glowing skin, and can also be used to treat dry skin, acne problems and hyperpigmentation.

Manuka Honey

Our range also incorporates manuka honey: a honey produced in New Zealand. Recognised for its antibacterial powers, manuka honey is used to deal with wound infections. Honey offers an organic defence against bacterial damage and stimulates the reparation of tissues that have been impaired by infection. Honey also has anti-inflammatory properties, which work to reduce irritation and soreness on application.

Our extensive collection of Dr Organic products also includes:

Holland & Barrett is a trusted provider of high quality organic products. Celebrated for their natural ingredients and beneficial abilities, you’re sure to find the ideal product amid our exciting range.

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