Hair, Skin & Nails


The health of your hair, skin & nails is extremely important as this reflects the natural balance within your body. Holland & Barrett stock a selection of products to ensure that you get all the right nutrients to keep your hair, skin & nails nourished on a daily basis!


As hair loss is an increasingly common problem, maintaining the health of your hair is vital. The condition of your hair can also shed some light on the overall health of your body. For instance, dry hair can be a sign of illnesses such as hypothyroidism.

Holland & Barrett supply a range of nutrients and solutions that are designed to nourish, replenish and strengthen your hair. Our range includes biotin: a vitamin that has shown to be an effective in stimulating hair growth and averting hair loss problems.


The nails can also be a clue to your health levels, as signs such as abnormal colouring, bumps, or swelling may indicate a wider health disorder in the body. Very pale colouring on your nails can reflect problems such as malnutrition, so it’s important to ensure that you’re consuming the proper vitamins and minerals for strong, healthy nails.


As the largest human organ, healthy skin is essential for protecting the body from infectious agents and harsh elements. Damage to the skin increases your vulnerability to bacterial and viral infections, while dry skin problems are often linked to diseases such as microangiopathy, which affects the small blood vessels in the body.


Holland & Barrett also supply a range of other products to help maintain the health of your hair, nails & skin, including:

Holland & Barrett are dedicated to providing high quality products that nourish your health levels. Browse through our selection now to find the product that’s perfect for you!

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