Opro Shield Silver Sky Blue £3.00

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1. Boil water in a kettle or in a small pan and allow to simmer for at least 15 seconds.2. Immediately pour boiling water into ceramic bowl (do not use plastic bowl).3. Place mouth guard in water for EXACTLY 20 seconds. CAUTION! Leaving the mouth guard in hot water longer than 20 seconds can damage it. If left in too long, remove mouth guard and allow to cool. If it retains its original form, restart fit process, otherwise discard and start over with a new mouthguard.4. Remove mouth guard from bowl using a spoon, making sure not to crush or damage the pliable material.5. Shake off water, check carefully to ensure areas between fins are drained.6. Carefully place the mouth guard in your mouth so it covers the upper teeth and firmly bite down. Push on the lips and cheeks for EXACTLY 30 seconds to ensure the mouth guard fits closely into position on the teeth and gums.7. Drink at least half a cup of cool water, allowing it to circulate thoroughly around the mouthguard.8. Open and close mouth to check fit. The mouth guard should stay in place and not easily dislodge from the upper teeth and gums.9. If bite process has created any noticeable thinning of the walls of the mouth guard, discard and start fitting process over with a new mouth guard.