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Treets ECO Hittepit Pillow Rectangle £13.95

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The cherry pit cushion should be heated up in the microwave for a maximum of 2.5 minutes at 700 W. Adjust the heating time if your microwave uses a different power level. Power in Watts Heating time 700 W Max. 2.5 min. 800 W Max. 2 min. 900 W Max. 1.5 min. 1,000 W Max. 1 min.

12 steps for using your cherry pit cushion in the right way
1) Make sure that the microwave is clean and fat free before heating up the cherry pit cushion.
2) Check the power level of the microwave.
3) Set the heating time according to the power level of the microwave as shown in the table above.
4) Remove all covers or towels from around the cushion.
5) Moisten the cherry pit cushion with water. It is better for the cushion to be too wet than too dry!
6) Put the cushion on a plate in the middle of the microwave. Make sure that the cushion is not touching the sides of the microwave and that the turntable is not blocked.
7) Make sure that no other functions, such as the grill or hot air, are switched on at the same time. Always remove any grating from the microwave before heating up the Hittepit®
8) Stay near to the microwave when you are heating the cushion and keep an eye on the heating time.
9) Turn the cushion over halfway through the heating time.
10) Check the temperature of the cushion before using it, both when used for heating and cooling. Before use, fluff up the pillow.
11) Never reheat the cushion immediately after heating it.
12) Wait at least two hours before heating the cushion again and check that it has cooled off properly before doing


Cover: 100% cotton Filling: 100% cherry pits

Advisory information:

Important points Read the following instructions carefully before using the cherry pit cushion and make sure that you adhere to these to guarantee safety and a great deal of pleasure in using Hittepit®. Following the instructions will prevent fire and other damage due to overheating and drying out. • This product is only suitable for the microwave. • Hittepit® is not suitable for use in beds of cots. Do not use under covers or a duvet. • Do not allow children or persons without experience to heat up the cushion. • Select the right power and warming up time in the microwave carefully • Keep to the instructions and the 12 steps for use. • Prevent the cherry pit cushion from drying out by moistening it with water each time before use. It is better for the cushion to be too wet than too dry! • The working of the microwave spreads the heat evenly from the inside to the outside. Because of this the cherry pit cushion does not feel warm to the touch when you first take it out of the microwave. Shake the cushion and you will notice that it really is warm. • Every microwave can have hotspots. Turn the cushion around halfway through the heating time to ensure the best possible distribution of energy and even heating. • Allow the cushion to cool down for two hours before it can be heated up again. • Do not use the cherry pit cushion any more if it has been damaged by overheating or other misuse. • Exceeding the warming up time or using a power level that is too high (watts) will not result in heat being given out for longer but can lead to damage by scorching or burning. • This cushion must never be used unsupervised by and for babies and children or persons with limited reactions. • Do not use if there are symptoms of inflammation. Persons with diabetes, blood circulation, sensorial or neurological problems or people who are sensitive to temperatures should not use this product. • Do not use Hittepit® as a substitute for medical treatment. • Always keep these instructions for use together with your cherry pit cushion • Do not wash the cushion in the washing machine. • If Hittepit® has become dirty, for example by fat, then it is damaged and should no longer be used. Throw the cushion away immediately! • If the pillow is used intensively, it should regularly be replaced with a new one.

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