Acidophilus is a microorganism from the Lactobacillus family of organic bacteria. Often called a probiotic, acidophilus naturally occurs in the gut and has been linked to immunity and digestive health. Holland & Barrett offer a wide choice of acidophilus products, which include supplements, yoghurt and powder.

What is Acidophilus?

Acidophilus is a popular species of friendly bacteria, or probiotics. Acidophilus comprises numerous bacteria that can help aid digestion in humans. Acidophilus bacteria reside in the digestive and respiratory tracts, alongside other probiotic bacteria. It also comes in various fermented foods, which include yoghurt, miso and kefir.

When the bacteria are positioned in an environment that is high in sugar, they consume the sugars and convert them into other substances, such as lactic acid. This produces a distinctive flavour and lessens the pH of the food to aid preservation.


It has been used to support the digestion of some foods – especially dairy products that contain milk sugar lactose.

Moreover, it can help to aid the management of particular digestive problems. For instance, studies have noted that probiotic supplements, such as acidophilus, have the potential to offer relief from symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome: a condition that produces intestinal discomfort and gas, while affecting the muscular movement in the intestinal tract.


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