Chlorella, a form of green algae, has been noted for its high nutritional content. Holland & Barrett supply a variety of chlorella supplements in different forms.

What is Chlorella?

Growing in fresh water, chlorella is a type of algae plant that is widely used for its health and nutrition benefits. Chlorella has been a source of food and nutrients for Asian cultures and is usually grown in Japan and Taiwan, where it is processed into tablets and liquid extracts.

These extracts then contain a water-solvable chlorella extract, which contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins, sugars, peptides and more. Due to the high nutrient content and antioxidant properties, chlorella is often used to assist with a variety of ailments.


Research has viewed chlorella as an effective agent in combating significant lifestyle illnesses. For instance, it has reflected the capacity to lessen body-fat percentage as well as blood-glucose intensities.

Research has also shown that chlorella has the capacity to encourage the development of friendly bacteria, while the walls of its cells take in toxins within the intestine and prompt the process of muscular contraction that passes matter through the bowels. This in turn helps to avert problems such as constipation and the reabsorption of toxins into the bloodstream.


Holland & Barrett offer chlorella supplements that have been designed to support your health regime. These products are:

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