Relaxation is essential for a healthy mind and body. It can help to relieve stress, ease tension and unwind the body. Holland & Barrett offer a varied selection of massage oils, tablets, herbal tea and bath oils to give you some essential pampering and relaxation.

Essential Oils

As a natural substitute to conventional cosmetics, the health benefits of essential oils are numerous. Essential oils have relaxing properties and have been used to treat digestion problems and acne, improve focus and eradicate bacteria. Essential oils derive from the natural extracts of roots, herbs, flowers and leaves and have been commended for their healing properties.

An extract that we offer is chamomile: an essential oil that has been praised for its antiseptic, antidepressant and antispasmodic nature. Extracted from the flowers of the chamomile plant, chamomile provides a distinctive, soothing fragrance that can be applied straight to the skin for massaging purposes, or added to the bath to release its vaporising essences and achieve the ultimate relaxation.


For an alternate natural remedy, you can opt for capsules such as valerian tablets. The value and health benefits of the valerian root have been celebrated over time. It’s considered a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of symptoms of mild anxiety and to aid sleep (based on traditional use only).

Herbal Tea

We also offer tea infusions such as raspberry leaf teabags. A delicious herb known for its many health benefits, raspberry leaf has been used for gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory problems and the purification of the skin and blood. It works to relax the blood vessels and cause muscle contraction or relaxation according to usage and muscle region.

Alongside our variety of oils, capsules and tablets, other notable products include:

Holland & Barrett is a dedicated provider of exceptional organic products and foodstuffs. We ensure that our products are quality assured to provide great health benefits for you and your body.

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