Vitamin B-100

Vitamin B-100

B-complex vitamins are nutritious components, which assist your body in the conversion of calories to energy. They work to treat and reduce the risk of vitamin deficiency, which can lead to a poorer quality of health. Holland & Barrett stock a range of vitamin B-100 complex tablets and supplements to help your body get the vitamins that it needs.

What is Vitamin B-100?

Vitamin B-100 complex supplements contain many of the essential B vitamins in its 100 milligram doses - a greater quantity than the recommended daily intake. However, as B vitamins are not accumulated in the fat tissues around the body, toxicity is not normally a risk. B-complex vitamins are vital for a normal appetite, healthy skin, nails and hair, as well as proficient vision. They also assist in the creation of red blood cells and the processes of the nervous system. B vitamins include vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B 12 and riboflavin.

Benefits of Vitamin B-100

There are a multitude of health benefits that derive from B-complex vitamins. As they assist your body in the creation of energy, they have been linked to an increase in overall energy levels. They have also been associated with reduced stress levels, as researchers have concluded that B-complex vitamins are an inexpensive treatment to improve mood levels and decrease the sense of psychological pressure brought about by work-related stress.

B-complex vitamins also work to regulate vitamin levels in the body and avoid illnesses and diseases caused by deficiency. Inadequate intake of B-12 or B-6 has been linked to anaemia, while folate shortages can cause impaired development and gastrointestinal symptoms. Meanwhile a lack of biotin can produce lethargy, appetite loss and depression. By consuming additional supplements of B100 complex, you will ensure that your body is receiving plenty of each type of B vitamin.

Vitamin B-100 Products available from Holland & Barrett

Some of the vitamin B-100 products that Holland & Barrett provide are:

Holland & Barrett is dedicated to providing the finest quality when it comes to vitamin supplements and nutrients. Take a look at our latest collection to find the product that is right for you.

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