Zinc Supplement

Zinc is an essential trace component that plays an important role in many enzymes and biological processes throughout the body. Holland & Barrett stock a wide choice of zinc supplement products to incorporate into your daily consumption regime.

What is Zinc?

Zinc is an essential mineral that naturally occurs in various foods and is available as a supplement. Zinc is found in all regions of the body; muscles and bones contain approximately 90% of the body’s zinc.

Zinc has various responsibilities and helps to stimulate activity in many enzymes. Zinc is important for maintaining health levels, as low levels and an insufficient intake can make an individual more vulnerable to disease. This means that zinc is particularly important for immunity levels, the synthesisation of DNA, as well as the promotion of healthy growth and development during childhood.

Properties of Zinc

There are a number of benefits that can derive from using zinc supplements and ensuring the adequate intake of this mineral. Zinc is essential for growth and cell dissection, especially during pregnancy. Zinc is also important for fertility levels in males.

Zinc also has the most significant impact on the immune system, as it performs a vital role in the T-cells. Lower levels of zinc can result in the reduction and weakening of the T-cells, which means that they are unable to identify and combat infectious agents.


Holland & Barrett supplies a wide range of supplements to help you get all the zinc that you need to support and maintain your health. Our selection includes:

Holland & Barrett are a trusted stockist of high quality health products for your everyday wellbeing. You can browse through our selection today to find the item that works for you.

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