How To Be Happy

How to be happy - 6 instant happiness tips

How to be happy - 6 instant happiness tips

Many of us are searching for the answer to ‘how to be happy’, but the trick to finding happiness is easier than you think. We’ve found six quick tips guaranteed to help you be happy. From tidying up the spare room to booking a weekend break, there is a simple smile solution to suit you.

Clear out your clutter

Clutter can be a tremendous drain on our inner happiness. Physically, we can’t move around our homes comfortably, but it’s emotionally uncomfortable too. Many of the objects we surround ourselves with come with a story and they are constantly communicating that story to us. If it’s a happy story, great, but if it brings back bad memories, you’re in constant dialogue with negative emotions. A good tidy up can give you some physical, mental and emotional breathing space.

Try proven herbal remedies

An international review of stress-relieving supplements by the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation in 2010 found passion flower, a licensed traditional herbal remedy, could help tackle anxiety and depression. The report concluded that ‘strong evidence exists for the use of herbal supplements containing extracts of passion flower’ to help relieve anxiety. Talk to your GP about other treatments for depression and anxiety such as counselling. or exercise.

Stop the negative self-talk

Talking to yourself in a negative voice – ‘I’m too fat’, ‘I’ll never get fit’ – has a negative effect on your happiness. If you’re always telling yourself you’re not good enough, it can start to sink in, leading to self-hatred and even depression. But if you become aware of your negative thoughts, you can replace them with positive messages. So, next time you hear yourself say “I’m a terrible housekeeper” replace it with something like “The house may be untidy, but at least it’s clean!”

Start practicing yoga

A study by the Boston University School of Medicine discovered yoga could boost happy chemicals in the brain. People practising yoga for one hour three times a week had higher levels of a neurotransmitter called GABA than those who did other types of exercise such as walking. Low levels of GABA are often found in people suffering from depression. The yogis also felt less anxious and reported an improved mood overall.

Book a mini-break

Taking all your holiday at once could make you feel low. US psychologists say breaking up your holiday allowance into short bursts can make you happier than using it in one go. It’s thought our enjoyment starts to wear off the longer we’re on holiday, so the last day is never as enjoyable as the first, but people taking mini-breaks report happier memories of their time off. Time for that long weekend in Barcelona…?

Set realistic expectations

If you decide to write a book, you’ll do much better if you set yourself a goal of X pages per day rather than only writing when you feel like it. Not only will you achieve your goal, you’ll get there much faster which is a real happiness boost. Make sure your expectations are achievable too. If you've always wanted to be a trapeze artist but are scared of heights, it may be worth finding a new goal. Pay special attention to the dreams you've chased for years, but never attained. You could lead a happier life if you manage to let some of them go.

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