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    A cleanser is designed to essentially to keep your skin clean and clear of debris such as dirt, pollutants and make-up.


    Cleansers come in a variety of different forms including lotions, milks, waters and foams.


    They will dissolve away any oil-soluble impurities in a more effective way than a face wash or soap.


    Depending on your lifestyle, you may benefit from a double cleanse routine. This is because heavy make-up and all the dirt and grime of the day may only remove surface debris.


    A second cleanse will help you to reach deep into the pores to prevent the blockages that lead to blemishes.

    A lot of people probably could not tell you what a toner is for, and yet it remains an important part of your skincare routine.


    It is the next step after cleansing your skin in order to replenish the surface. Toners can purify or replenish the skin before you apply your moisturiser.


    A natural toner will contain calming and soothing ingredients that will help to give you a healthier complexion.


    The Dr Organic Skin Clear Toner uses grapefruit extract, AHA fruit acids and salicylic acid to enrich oily and problem skin. It soothes areas of redness and reduces pores for clearer, balanced skin and is suitable for vegans.


    An alternative type of toner is the Gallinée Face Vinegar which is both astringent and soothing at the same time.


    It contains Actibiome which works to calm and soothe sensitive and oily skin.

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