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    First off though, what is rosehip oil?


    Rosehip oil doesn’t actually come from a rose, but rather from the fruit of the rose plant.


    The fruit looks like a cross between a small pomegranate and an elongated cherry, and is great for teas, jams, jellies, pies, and more.


    You can actually eat the fruit raw, though you have to be careful of its rather hairy seeds. As it turns out, these furry seeds are precisely where rosehip oil is extracted from.

    Rosehip oil contains a range of interesting chemicals, including various unsaturated fatty acids, lipophilic antioxidants, and phenolic acids.


    This composition means that rosehip oil has soothing and hydrating properties. It may also help with oxidative stress.


    Finally, like many natural or organic oils, it can be great for helping with skin hydration, without leaving you looking all oily.

    Most manufactured moisturisers are a combination of water and nourishing fatty acids, which is just what rosehip oil contains. 


    One way to use it on your face is as a mixture with some of your other favourite oils, including one or two with lovely smells for extra cheer.


    Holland & Barrett sell some interesting rosehip oil products that are certified as organic, including the Triology range.  


    You only need a few drops of it, and can massage it into clean face, neck, or body skin.

    The bounty of beneficial oils that nature provides can be a little overwhelming at times.


    You may already be using coconut oil, for example, as a lip balm, moisturiser, or anti-frizz product.


    Coconut oil is great for these things, and more. But, we all know that everyone’s skin and bodies are different, with different health needs. We all also have different priorities.


    So, rather than trying to compare all the different oils, we gently recommend getting informed about each one, and then just giving the ones that may help you a go.


    Rosehip oil can go stale quite quickly, so be sure to keep it in a cool, dry area, or in the fridge.

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