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Medichecks Vitamin B12 (Active) Blood Test


Medichecks Vitamin B12 (Active) Blood Test
Medichecks Vitamin B12 (Active) Blood Test

Medichecks Vitamin B12 (Active) Blood Test



  • Check your vitamin B12 level
  • Discover what could be causing you to feel tired
  • Find out if your vegan or vegetarian diet is giving you enough B12

A laboratory blood test with simple at-home collection which checks the levels of vitamin B12 in the body

Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin for nerve function and maintaining healthy red blood cells. Low vitamin B12 can lead to fatigue, difficulty concentrating and poor memory. Vegetarians and vegans can be low in vitamin B12 it comes primarily from eating animal products. Some older people and people with digestive problems can also have difficulty absorbing vitamin B12.

Additional Info


1. Activate kit 2. Collect sample 3. Send sample 4. See results

Kit Includes:

What’s in your kit? • Collection tube • Protective packaging • Lancets • Moist wipe • Alcohol swab • Activation form & sample label • Plaster • Plastic freepost envelope

Advisory information:

Consult instructions for use If you do not activate your kit before use, we will not be able to process your sample. Only use equipment provided to take your sample. If the tube isn’t labelled the lab won’t be able to process your sample.

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