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It is important to keep hydrated throughout the day, no matter where you are.

Single-use plastics are out and so, instead of picking up a bottle of water on the go, get yourself some reusable water bottles or protein shakers to keep in your gym bag or on your desk at work.

There is a wide range of drink bottles available so whether you are looking for one to take to sports, the gym, or to work, you will easily be able to find one to fit your needs.

Eco-friendly bottles

If you are looking to reduce your impact on the planet, SmartShake EcoBottles are a good choice for an eco-friendly bottle.

They come in a range of cute and quirky colours and designs, including Anchor , Coral and Grey so you can reduce your impact on the planet without compromising on style.

These bottles are also carbon negative, which means that the production of the bottles carbon footprint is less than neutral and therefore this removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, rather than adding to it.

SmartShake EcoBottles are made from sugar cane bio mass in a factory which uses 100% renewable energy.

The best protein shakers?

The MaxiMuscle Shaker makes smooth and delicious shakes without lumps.

The measuring lines on the bottle make it easy to get the quantities right and the non-drip screw top lid ensures that you don’t get covered in your shake as there is no spillage.

Toss it in your gym bag without worrying that it will leak on your clothes.

For a stainless steel shaker, try the Free Soul Shaker.

This shaker has an in-built grill to make smooth shakes without a lump in sight. The steel material also helps to keep your shake chilled.

For meal replacement shakes, the PhD Femme Mini Protein Shaker is the perfect small protein shaker.

It has a smaller 500ml capacity and a wire ball for smooth mixing, giving you delicious lump-free shakes every time.

How to make a protein shake

Making a protein shake is super easy.

All you need to do is add around 200ml of water or milk to your shaker, followed by the recommended dose of your protein powder.

Add the plastic mesh insert, such as the one in the USN Shaker Bottle or the metallic shaker ball and then seal the lid, making sure it is closed tight!

Shake vigorously and there you have it – the perfect protein shake! Consume immediately once it has been made.

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    The NHS recommends that adults should be drinking six to eight glasses of water per day, or around 1.2 litres. This can include water, lower fat milk plus tea and coffee.

    Water is constantly being lost from the body through breathing, urine and the skin and so this needs to be replaced.

    You can lose more water through doing exercise or during hot temperatures. If you do not replace these fluids, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated.


    Your body is made up of around 60% fluids, which all have a part to play in all sorts of processes, including digestion, circulation and the maintenance of body temperature.


    So it is therefore really important to keep up your water intake.


    The MaxiMuscle Bio Water Bottle is the perfect companion for training and working out.


    Its 750ml capacity will help keep you hydrated throughout your exercise. This sports bottle comes in either black or white so you can easily match it to your gym gear!

    Protein shakes are a popular supplement choice for anyone wanting to support muscle growth and performance during and post-workout. They are a simple and easy way of increasing protein intake.


    The best time to drink a protein shake will depend on which kind of protein you are taking.


    Whey protein should be taken after exercise, whereas casein protein can be taken between meals and before bed, to help support muscle maintenance and recovery overnight.


    These are two of the most common types of protein, however, others are available including vegan protein.


    Protein shakes are usually made with protein powder and either milk or water. Since they are often consumed following exercise, it is useful to have a portable protein shaker so that you can make up your shake while you are at the gym, or when you are at work.

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