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The important of good mental health is much more widely understood these days and whilst stress can have positive effects on motivation, for example, left unchecked, it can also manifest in a number of more negative ways.

The term ‘stress’ has many different connotations.  It ranges from the mental pressure we feel to perform well in our jobs, to the time pressure of getting though our daily to-do list and the upwelling of emotion we feel when running late for an appointment.

Broadly, stress is defined by feelings of anxiety.

The NHS also points to a number of possible behavioural symptoms that a stressed person could exhibit, which can include irritability, over or under eating and more sleep than usual.

Stress is a real thing and resolving it often requires a multi-pronged approach, combining diet, supplements for stress, exercise and identifying the stressors through talking therapies.

The important thing to remember is that almost everyone experiences some level of stress in their lives, so you if it is negatively affecting you right now, you are far from alone. 

Natural supplements to support stress relief

Mother Nature has been kind to us in providing a number of naturally occurring compounds that may assist with reducing the symptoms of stress.

Plant based Stress relief has been sought for millennia and this is why traditional herbal remedies for stress were created.

In the last century or so we have become better at recognising that stress is not just a mental ailment, and herbal science has drawn from the plant kingdom a number of elements to help us calm down and lessen our symptoms.

Rhodiola supplements

Chief amongst these naturally occurring solutions is rhodiola rosea, a common herb.

Rhodiola can be used to support someone suffering from stress because it has specific compounds found in it have shown in double-blind studies to aid in the management of stress, specifically mental fatigue.

Rhodiola supplements have a number of benefits and can be taken by adults to provide temporary relief of symptoms associated with stress such as fatigue exhausation and mild anxiety, based on traditional use only.  

Tablets containing rhodiola rosea are best taken a half hour prior to a meal to ensure best absorption.

Rhodiola dosage, used correctly, is important and reading the label and product leaflet is advised.

Bach flower remedies

Bach flower remedies, named after Dr Edward Bach, are combinations of wild flowers, specifically designed to restore the balance between body and mind. 

The well-known product Rescue Remedy harnesses a blend of a number of different Bach flower remedies.

This blend of Bach flower essences has become a first choice in support for negative feelings for millions of people the world over.

Bach flower rescue supplements can be taken in numerous different formats.

These include convenient orange and elderflower lozenges (also known as Bach pastilles),  blackcurrant flavoured pastilles.

Rescue pastilles are ideal as they can be discreetly stored in any pocket or handbag for quick, easy access.

There is also a quick spray.

The added good news is that a number of these Bach original flower remedies include the added benefit of naturally occurring vitamin B12, which is known to play an important role in supporting the function of the nervous system.

There are night time formulations of each of these formats, for a natural night’s sleep.

I heard that the valerian plant can help me with my stress. Is this true?

The valerian plant has become a household name in the past half century. This flowering perennial plant, with its pink and white flowers, hides much of its potential below ground, in its roots.

Traditionally the root has been ground up by herbalists and natural medicine practitioners to help those suffering from chronic insomnia and anxiety.

Science continues to study this powerful plant and studies investigating its medicinal value are showing insights into its potential to assist with insomnia as an alternative to prescription medicine. More mass population studies are ongoing.

Try Valerian Plus tablets which may help with temporary relief of sleep disturbances due to mild anxiety. Based on traditional use only.

How do I know which supplement is best for my stress relief regime?

If you are uncertain about whether any of these stress relief tablets are right for you then please consult your primary healthcare provider.

If you are suffering from stress and need help, then it is always best to talk to a professional.

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