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    Supplements are nutrient-packed products designed to be taken alongside a healthy, balanced diet. Their main purpose is to supplement your body with vitamins, minerals, amino acids or any other important substances it may be deficient in, whether that’s vitamin D, iron or glucosamine. 


    While some nutritional supplements contain just one specific vitamin or mineral, you’ll find other supplements made from natural products like charcoal, turmeric or garlic which are linked to many differentmany health benefits.


    There are also certain types of food supplements which differ from your standard supplement by not coming in a classic tablet or capsule form. Instead, they might come in a powder or liquid and be designed to be mixed into food or drink.

    Taking a supplement if you’re deficient in a certain nutrient has bountiful benefits for your body! As well as ensuring it functions exactly as it should – whether that’s by supporting the immune system, supporting red blood cell production or maintaining  your bones, supplements can also improve things like your hair, nails and skin.

    Most people who take supplements usually do so because they’re unable to gain the daily recommended intake of certain minerals or vitamins through their food alone. To make sure you get as many nutrients as you can, try to follow a varied, balanced diet that’s packed with fresh fruit and veg, plenty of whole grains and a good amount of starchy foods.


    Sometimes it may not be possible to gain the correct amounts of a certain nutrient, whether that’s because you follow a diet that doesn’t naturally contain it or for specific health reasons. To avoid becoming deficient, it may be worth incorporating a daily supplement – whether that’s a tablet, capsule or powder – into your routine that’ll help keep your body healthy and happy.

    There are so many supplements out there, with each one offering something different for your body.


    Before you choose one, it’s important to know if you really need it. If you know you have a deficiency or have been directed by a medical professional to take one, make sure you select the right strength for your individual needs. If you only want a little boost of a certain nutrient, go for a low dosage that won’t put you at risk of consuming too much. Remember that having too much of some vitamins and minerals can sometimes be just as harmful as having too little. 

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