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Already eating healthily and working out regularly, but feel like your fat loss could do with a bit of a boost? Burning fat is a big part of losing weight healthily or achieving a lower body fat percentage, and - luckily for us - nature has provided us with some ingredients that could help to speed up that process.

How to lose weight:

Sometimes the simplest things seem the hardest, and this can definitely be true when it comes to weight and fat loss. All our bodies require us to do is consume less calories than what our body needs to maintain our current weight, and just like that, it will start to use excess fat stores as energy. However, a lot of us don’t move as much as we should and high-calorie food can be irresistible, so it’s only natural to take all the extra help we can get.

What is fat and what does it do?

There are different types of fat in our bodies – brown, white, visceral and subcutaneous, each performing a different function. Having excessive amounts of visceral and subcutaneous fat in your body can be bad for your health, as those are the ones that surround your internal organs and insulate the skin – acting as an energy reserve that most people will never use in this day in age.

This is why it is important to be active and make sure we exercise when trying to lose fat, as our body will use up excess fat stores and build muscle at the same time. It’s not all about losing weight. More muscle in the body means your body will burn more calories and allows you to eat a less restrictive diet when you’re happy with your body and want to maintain it.

We've answered other FAQs in an article about fat burners including how they work and side effects.

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