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Beurer Head Lice Comb, HT15

Beurer Head Lice Comb, HT15

Beurer Head Lice Comb, HT15


Beurer Head Lice Comb, HT15

  • The chemical-free way to the scalp of rid lice and nits
  • Battery operated and easy to use
  • Also suitable for use on cats and dogs

The Beurer Lice Comb is an effective treatment for head lice without the need for chemical-based shampoos. Emitting an electrical impulse which is harmless to people and pets, the lice comb will kill lice and their eggs on detection and remove them as you brush.

When the lice comb comes into contact with a louse or nit, you'll hear an acoustic signal change so you know it's getting the job done.

Beurer GmbH, Soeflinger Strasse 218, 89077 Ulm, Germany

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1/5 stars

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Please clean after usage and replace the tooth cover. Store indoors in a dry place.

Suitable for:

Suitable for children to rid the scalp of hair lice and their eggs. Chemical free.