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    Amino acids are known as the building blocks of protein, and protein is crucial when building or maintaining muscle mass. It's not just bodybuilders who need amino acids, as anyone interested in sport and everyday activity will benefit.

    There are essential and non-essential amino acids (essential amino acids can't be made by the body, so we need them from food or supplements). You'll find them all here in our range of high-quality, reliable amino acid supplements for sport and health.

    What are amino acids?

    Amino acids are components of protein. Making sure your diet includes the correct ratios of amino acids will ensure the protein in your body can build and maintain muscle tissue, and will help it recover from training and activity.

    The essential amino acids are those which our bodies can't create, so we must get them from our foods or from supplements. Taking amino acids in supplement form is an easy and reliable way to get the ideal dose without excess food intake.

    Benefits of amino acids

    Supplement with essential and non-essential amino acids and help you through your favourite sport and activity. Supplementing with amino acids will ensure your healthy eating plan has no gaps so you can continue to enjoy your favourite activities.


    We stock high quality and reliable amino acids, essential aminos, BCAAs, liquid amino acid formulas, complete amino acids and individual amino acids. We also have a great range of sports supplement products such as protein powders and all-in-one shakes, which contain amino acids so you can optimise your sports supplement use.

    Holland & Barrett are dedicated to supporting your sport and your health through our range of quality assured products. Browse to find the individual amino acid, or complete formula, which supports you best.

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