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Rescue Remedy Drops & Tablets

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In the 1930s, Dr Edward Bach combined five flower essences and created the Rescue Remedy.

Recognizable by its distinctive yellow branding, the blend is now shipped around the world.

Available in dropper, spray, tablet and other formats, Bach originally created the mixture to help people deal more effectively with personal emergencies and crises.

He made Rescue Remedy for those situations where there is no time to carefully choose among different flower and plant remedies.

The flower essences used in the remedy are still made at Bach’s old home today, in Oxfordshire, using the same methods he originally employed.

The essences are then sent to a factory in London to be diluted and bottled.

What does Rescue Remedy do?

People use Rescue Remedy for stressful situations, such as just before taking an exam; after receiving bad news; for interview nerves, and much more.

The goal of this remedy is to help you relax, feel calm, and focus.

What are the active ingredients of Rescue Remedy?

Dr Bach chose the five flowers based on what he considered to be the five common negative states of mind that people regularly experience.

The five flowers are:

Rock rose

Bach believed this evergreen shrub to be suitable for helping with overwhelming and scary situations, offering courage and presence of mind.


Known as touch-me-not in the US, this purple, pink, or white flower represents patience.


Part of the buttercup family, this species is believed to be helpful for people who feel out of touch with things.

Bach believed that clematis helps users to focus on the present world and take a strong interest in their current environment.

Star of Bethlehem

This pretty little white flower is native to the Mediterranean region and parts of Africa.

For Bach, this flower represents comfort and taking a deep breath in the face of a bad experience.

It is about being strong, and being able to balance emotions in order to deal with a situation.

Cherry Plum

Bach considered this sweet fruit to be helpful for a calm mind, in order to be able to think and act rationally.

The flower essences are then preserved in a grape-based brandy or sunflower-based glycerine.

How to use Rescue Remedy

Holland & Barrett sell the Rescue Remedy mixture in pastille, dropper, and spray formats.

We also provide liquid melts, creams, and lozenges.

Rescue Remedy pastilles

The pastilles are naturally flavoured with blackcurrant, but are alcohol and sugar free.

They come in a convenient click-shut tin and are suitable for any ages. Chew one pastille whenever you need.

Rescue Remedy liquid melts

Liquid melts are used in a similar way – you just place a capsule on your tongue when required.

The capsule dissolves quickly, releasing four drops of the remedy. These melts do contain a carrier grapeseed oil, as well as fish gelatine.

Rescue Remedy night dropper

The spray may help if you struggle to get a good night’s sleep.

It is alcohol free, so fine for the whole family. As you try to sleep, put four drops directly onto your tongue. Or, you can add four drops to water and then sip it slowly.

The dropper is used in a similar way, with four drops on your tongue or in water for a good sleep.

Rescue Remedy cream

For dry, rough, or sensitive skin, you might like to try using Nelsons Rescue Remedy Cream.

This cream is actually made up of six flower essences, the extra one being Malus pumila or the apple tree.

The cream can be applied generously to the affected area, and is suitable for all ages.

Rescue Plus effervescent tablets

Lastly, effervescent tablets have a berry flavour, but are sugar free.

Keep going on the most hectic days feeling energised and full of vitality. In addition to the five flower essences, the tablets contain vitamin B12 and B5 as well as magnesium.

The magnesium can help with releasing energy for food and also contributes to the reduction of tiredness.

Dissolve a tablet in a glass of water as you start your day or shift.

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    At Holland & Barrett we have a wide range of Rescue Remedy that come in a variety of formats from liquid to spray, and cream to chewables and pastilles. Rescue Remedy can be used in a variety of different situations and has a multitude of benefits, from supporting a natural night's sleep to supporting mental performance. Rescue Remedy is a natural product with many of the products suitable for vegans and vegetarians.