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Cranberry Supplements

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Cranberries are small, round, red berries, which grow on vine-like plants native to North and South American countries such as USA, Canada and Chile.

They are closely related to other berries including blueberries, bilberries and lingonberries.

Cranberries are also grown in the UK and other European countries.

They are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and taking a cranberry supplement is a great way to harness these benefits in a quick and easy way.

Is cranberry good for you?

Cranberries contain lots of nutrients including quercetin, myricetin and peonidin.

Cranberry extract pills are made from dried cranberries and offer all of this nutrition without having to source and eat the fruit itself every day.

Solgar Natural Cranberry with Vitamin C Vegi Capsules contain vitamin C in addition to cranberries.

Vitamin C has many important functions in the body, including helping to support the normal functioning of the immune system, as well as acting as an antioxidant to help protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals.

Just one or two cranberry supplement capsules can be the equivalent of drinking up to 250ml of cranberry juice.

Cranberry supplements vs cranberry juice

You might be wondering why you would take a cranberry supplement, rather than just drinking cranberry juice.

Well, you would have to drink a lot of cranberry juice to come close to the concentrated benefits of cranberry supplements.

Cranberry juice is also high in both calories and sugar.

Each 100ml glass of juice contains 45 calories and 12g of sugar. This is three times as many calories and four times as much sugar as the berries themselves.

As well as this, cranberries have a very tart flavour which is not to everyone’s taste and so taking a supplement means you get all the nutrients in a palatable way.

They are not often eaten as berries because of their strong flavour.

Cranberry sauce is a popular condiment, especially as an accompaniment to turkey at Christmas time.

However, this sauce also has a high sugar content, and so while it is great on occasion, it is not the healthiest and should not be eaten every day.

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