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Turmeric & Curcumin

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Turmeric is an ancient superfood that’s been used for thousands of years as both a herb and cooking ingredient. The bright yellow turmeric root extract has an active ingredient called curcumin, which can help promote healthy digestion.

Here at Holland & Barrett we supply turmeric capsules, turmeric with black pepper, turmeric oral spray and even turmeric with CBD!

Check out our article on the top uses for turmeric - some may surprise you. We also have another article that looks into the benefits of turmeric. And another that looks at using turmeric in facemasks.

What is turmeric?

Easily distinguished by its vibrant yellow colour, turmeric comes from the Zingiberaceae family – just like ginger – and its benefits lie in its roots. You will usually find it in curries and drinks like ‘golden milk’ and turmeric lattes, but you can also take it in various supplement forms if you don’t like the taste or struggle to incorporate enough into your diet.

What are the health benefits of turmeric?

There are many Turmeric benefits, but it’s commonly used to aid digestion.

What different Holland & Barrett turmeric supplements are there?

At Holland & Barrett we stock a wide range of turmeric products from our turmeric powder to our turmeric capsules. Many of our turmeric products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are of the highest quality. Discover more about some of them below.

Nature’s Garden Organic High Strength Turmeric with Black Pepper:These potent turmeric capsules contain an impressive 1,200mg of organic turmeric powder along with black pepper. Black pepper helps your body absorb and utilise turmeric – so its only natural to pair the two.

BetterYou Turmeric Daily Oral Spray:Not a fan of tablets? Don’t worry, you can get your daily dose of turmeric with a simple spray instead! This turmeric spray ensures superior absorption compared to capsules and tablets – designed to bypass the digestive system and enter your bloodstream directly for rapid absorption.

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