Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone is welcome at Holland and Barrett and we work hard to ensure that we create a place where people love to work and shop; being inclusive and making our customers and colleagues feel they can be themselves is an important part of that.

We're proud to work in partnership with Stonewall

We are working with Stonewall who are helping us create real change for the better and ensuring that individuals can reach their full potential and support those who are on their own personal journey. We are striving to provide a culture that enables our colleagues and our customers to be the very best they can be.

In 2018 we began working with the internally recognised Stonewall to help realise these our ambitions, “At Stonewall, we’re delighted to be working with Holland & Barrett through our Diversity Champions programme and building a strong partnership. We’ll be working with them to look at their policies and practices, advising them on how they can be more inclusive for their LGBT staff and service users”.

In recognition of pride month all of our branding on all digital platforms was changed to the distinctive rainbow colours and we also featured in the 50th Anniversary edition of Pride magazine. We also look forward to supporting pride events in 2020.