Slow signs of aging to a snail’s pace with our step by step guide to a youthful glow.

The substance that a snail uses to heal itself, has been clinically proven to have healing, smoothing and purifying effects on the skin.

The discovery was made by Chilean snail farmers, who noticed their skin was healing more quickly after handling the extraordinary creatures.

If you’ve not already tried our original Snail Gel, check out the amount of 5* reviews left by pleasantly surprised customers.

Step 1

Stay Fresh Faced

Keep your skin happy and refreshed with a good layer of the original soothing and smoothing, Aloe Vera based Snail Gel.

Recommended usage: every morning. Works as a wonderful “wake me up” if kept in the fridge.

Step 2

Gel with the Cream

Add extra nourishment to areas prone to dryness with the Shea Butter infused moisturising Snail Gel Cream.

Recommended usage: every morning if suffering from dryness and every evening before bed.

Step 3

Serum Sisters

Serums are moisture boosters. On top of your moisturiser, apply the Face Serum, which has been proven to improve moisture levels by 32%.

With your ring finger, lightly apply the Eye Serum, which has been clinically proven to rejuvenate skin by 6 years in 4 weeks.

Recommended usage: Every morning to surge the skin with hydration and each evening for a moisture boost before bed.

Step 4

A Masked Difference

Get into something comfy and treat yourself with to a scrummy smelling, purifying and hydrating Moisture Mask.

Recommended “you time” : once a week

Step 5

Handy for Handbags

Enjoy the fresh, uplifting scent of lemongrass when applying this non-greasy Hand Elixir, which will leave your hands feeling smooth and fresh.

Recommended usage: Whenever your hands need a little TLC. Massage into cuticles before bedtime and leave to sink in as an overnight treatment.