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BULK POWDERS® have three top priorities: health, fitness and you (of course).

Leaders in the sports nutrition world and having won many awards, BULK POWDERS® are a brand you can trust. They are dedicated to producing high-quality protein powders,pre-workout formulasmultivitamins, post-workout recovery drinks, and so much more.

If you’re pushing your body to the limit in your workouts, if only makes sense to provide it with the best nutrition possible. BULK POWDERS® combine the highest-quality ingredients with industry expertise to create premium – yet affordable – products.

Join #TEAMBULK today! Discover protein powders,pre-workout energy drinks and so much more from BULK POWDERS® at Holland & Barrett.


Way back in 2005, in the town of Colchester, BULK POWDERS® was born. From the very start, they promised never to compromise on quality while trying to keep prices low. As you may have guessed from the name, BULK POWDERS® buy raw materials in bulk to save money and gain control over how their products are manufactured.

All BULK POWDERS® products are made in-house, allowing the team to have total authority over quality control and what ultimately ends up in their products. They also batch test everything themselves to make sure it’s of the quality you expect and deserve.

What is the Pro Series™ range at BULK POWDERS®?

To make genuine world-class products (a bold claim, but one BULK POWDERS® are proud to stand by), they went back to basics on all things sports nutrition.

Each and every ingredient in Pro Series™ products are clearly listed with their respective dosages. You know exactly what you’re getting, with nothing hidden and nothing secret.

All you competing athletes out there can rest assured, too. A range of Pro Series™ products, including ELEVATE™, INFORMED WHEY®, INFORMED BCAA™, SPORTS MULTI AM:PM™ and AFTERMATH™ are routinely tested for banned substances – making them Informed Sports accredited.

What are the benefits of BULK POWDERS® Pro Series™ Informed Whey


When BULK POWDERS® decided to make their very best powdered protein, they pulled out all the stops. It contains a high-quality blend of amino acids and whey protein, which provides 24g of protein per serving. The mix itself contains a market-leading 81% protein content and 3g of leucine per serving.

All of the ingredients are clearly listed with their respective doses because BULK POWDERS® are proud of what’s inside their products. You will struggle to find higher doses of so many ingredients in Pro Series™ Informed Whey. It’s never been easier to justify a premium protein powder treat.

Should I use a pre-workout drink?

Whether it’s a run in the park, CrossFit class or a heavy-weight-lifting session in the gym, pre-workout supplements allow you to push your body to the limit. They contain ingredients that provide you with energy to improve your physical endurance. However, some pre-workout products contain low-quality ingredients in small doses and often top up their formulas with fillers, making them much less effective. You never have to worry about that with BULK POWDERS®.

BULK POWDERS® set themselves a challenge when creating the new and improved producing Pro Series ELEVATE™ pre-workout range: “Ignore the costs and just create the very best pre-workout supplement possible.” And so, they did! So much more than a glorified energy drink, ELEVATE™ provides premium pre-workout energy at its best.

Sometimes it seems like some sports drinks just feature ingredients for the sake of it. But not BULK POWDERS® Pro Series ELEVATE™ It contains an impressive 12 active ingredients in their purest forms and optimal doses (or more!). No other pre-workout shake has such a potent dosage. They are clearly listed too, so there are no secrets around here.

What is the best protein powder for vegans?

Just because you don’t consume animal products, it doesn’t mean you can’t be part of #TEAMBULK!

BULK POWDERS® Vegan Protein Powder packs a serious 23g of protein per serving, lots of fibre, digestive enzymes and absolutely no animals. This blend combines 5 different plant-based proteins to make the perfect hybrid protein blend. You’ll enjoy the goodness of pea protein isolate, pumpkin protein, brown rice protein, flaxseed powder and quinoa flour. You’ll be pleased to know that, unlike a lot of vegan protein powders, this blend makes a smoother - and significantly less gritty - protein shake.

Taste is important, and vegan protein products sometimes seem to forget that, but you won’t be disappointed with this great-tasting powder protein. That’s not all: our whole vegan protein range comes in compostable packaging, too, so you can feel good about the world while you aid your workouts.

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