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Each person’s journey to wellness is different. For some, it may be making sure they get all of their essential nutrients, like vitamin D in the winter to avoid those winter blues. For others it may be pre-workout supplements to power their workouts and protein powders to support their fitness goals.

Here at Holland and Barratt we have curated a wide range of health and wellness products to help you live your happiest, healthiest life – however you want to achieve it!


The Holland & Barrett Story

Our founder, Samuel Ryder (1858-1936) started a business in 1895 selling affordable seeds to the public so that they could grow their own food and enjoy the goodness of nature.

In 1920, Samuel co-founded the herbal merchant business Heath & Heather Ltd, which was renamed ‘Holland & Barrett in 1971. Our brand has retained its founding principles of growing organic and natural ingredients and adapted it to our modern world. Holland & Barrett have moved towards providing the public with easy and natural solutions to health and wellness – appreciating that not everyone has the time or space to grow their own food anymore!


Holland & Barrett Product Ranges

From vegan-friendly snacks to organic coconut oil and CBD balms, we have a product range for every lifestyle.


Holland & Barrett Vegan Range

Living a vegan lifestyle can be challenging at times, but it really doesn’t have to be. Here at Holland & Barrett we stock an array of delicious vegan foodvegan protein powdersvegan supplements and vegan beauty productsWhen you shop with us you can easily find high-quality vegan products to make living a compassionate and healthy lifestyle as easy as can be!


Holland & Barrett Manuka Honey Range

One of the best-quality honeys in the world, New Zealand Manuka Honey is proof of the healthy power of nature. At Holland & Barrett we are proud to only stock 100% genuine Manuka Honey – there’s a lot of fakes out there - and share this delicious anti-bacterial honey with all of you. Choose which MGO strength you need, get shopping and take a spoon of this lovely sweet stuff to soothe sore throats.


Holland & Barrett Sports Supplements

Whether you’re training hard for a triathlon or just starting out at the gym, if you feel like you need a little help to perform at your best – Holland & Barrett can help! From pre-workout supplements like easy-to-digest energy gels and BCAA supplements to mass-gaining protein powders and lean muscle protein powders, we have everything you need to succeed.


Holland & Barrett CBD Range

If you’re looking for safe and high-quality CBD products, we have you covered here at Holland & Barrett. Choose from CBD oilsCBD muscle balmsCBD beauty productsand so much more from our specially selected CBD range.