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PhD Nutrition

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PhD believe in performing smart
PhD nutrition put smart thinking at the forefront of everything they do, believing that it’s essential to great performance and that performing great defines you. Their extensive range of intelligent sports nutrition products, including PhD Smart Bars and PhD Protein Powder can slot straight into your lifestyle and help you perform at your very best.

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    Performance nutrition, to inspire and fuel the performance-driven gym goer

    PhD supplements are the product of two serious gym goers on a mission to change-up the sports nutrition landscape. For them, honesty was key, and a lot of the big players in the sports nutrition market seemed to be disingenuous. They began the brand back in 2006 and it has since established itself as a truly global performance nutrition brand, being sold in over 45 countries.

    What’s so special about PhD Sports Nutrition?

    Innovation is the beating heart of PhD and all they stand for. Even now, they are constantly researching and testing ingredients so they can create the most nutritionally-sound and scientifically-backed products, all while retaining a market-leading taste.

    Whether you have devoted your life to a sport or only indulge in sporty endeavours come the weekend, there’s a PhD product that can help you perform at your very best. Read about some PhD’s most popular formulas below:

    • PhD Diet Whey Proteinif you’re looking to tone up but not necessarily ‘bulk up’ at the gym, PhD Diet Whey Protein can provide you with the protein you want, with less of the calories and carbs. Putting you right on track to top performance!
    • PhD Protein Bars: whether it’s a quick on-the-go breakfast after the gym or a little something to satisfy you when the munchies hit at work, PhD Smart Bars could be just what you’ve been looking for. Packed with protein, they can help your body grow and perform at its best.