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    From healthy energy drinks to juices full of flavour and everything in between, these drinks will help to keep you hydrated throughout the day, no matter what you are doing.


    Drinks to support your exercise goals

    From endurance running to sports matches and working out, if you need to replenish your energy, then there are a number of great options to choose from.

    SIS Go Isotonic Gel Blackcurrant offers a quick supply of carbohydrates, which is easily digested, to provide you with energy while you exercise.

    If you are looking to up your protein intake without adding additional calories and carbs to your diet, then protein drinks could be a good option for you.

    Grenade Carb Killa Shake Strawberries and Cream is a creamy, on-the-go, high protein drink, which can be drunk at any time during the day.


    Kombucha drinks

    Kombucha tea has become very popular in recent years and is a favourite with a number of celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan all including it in their dietary regimes.

    Kombucha is a sweet and sour tasting drink that is fizzy. It is made with tea and is thought to have health benefits. It was first brewed in China around 2,000 years ago and was also drank in Japan and Russia.

    It is made with yeast, sugar and black tea which is then set aside to ferment. Bacteria and acids form in the liquid.

    Remedy Kombucha drink is packed full of friendly bacteria, as it is brewed for 30 days using a traditional fermentation technique.

    Friendly bacteria can help to support a healthy gut microbiome.


    Soft drinks

    We all know that fizzy drinks are delicious but they are usually packed full of sugar so too much of them can be unhealthy.

    At Holland & Barrett, we stock a range of alternatives, some of which are healthier than their high sugar alternatives and some which are environmentally friendly too.

    If cola is your favourite, then why not try Karma Cola Fairtrade Organic Cola Multipack? Cola with a conscience, Karma Cola is fully Fairtrade and organic certified.

    All of their packaging is fully recyclable and/or compostable and part of the proceeds from each bottle goes to the cane sugar and cola nut growers’ families.

    Gusto Organic Real Cherry Cola is a grown up soft drink, which is free from refined sugar and chemical nasties.

    There are under 100 calories in each bottle with all natural flavours.


    In the UK, the guidance is to aim to drink around six to eight glasses of water and other liquids per day.


    Lower fat milk, sugar free drinks and tea and coffee can all count towards this target, in addition to water itself.


    For more info check out our 'do you need to drink more water' article.

    Your body needs to consume a certain amount of liquid for optimum operation. This can come from a combination of drinks and food, with around 20% of our daily intake meant to come from food.


    Foods such as cucumber, tomatoes and spinach are particularly high in water, as are lots of other fruits and vegetables.


    Two thirds of your body is actually made up of water and so there are many reasons why it is important to drink enough liquids during the day.


    Hydration is crucial for lots of our body’s processes including digestion, circulation and to help boost our mental and physical performance.

    Although water is clearly very good for you, not least because it contains no calories or sugars, which can otherwise be harmful to teeth, there are a variety of other healthy drinks you can also try.


    There are lots of choices available including ginger drinks, chicory drinks and coconut water.


    Some of these have added nutritional benefits too. So if you are keen to drink something other than just water, how about trying some of these healthy drinks instead?


    Aloe vera drinks: Holland & Barrett Aloe Vera Juice is made by mixing the thick, sticky gel from inside the aloe vera plant with portions of the leaf. This means that it is high in both potency and quality.


    You can take this directly on a spoon or mix it with water, juice or into a smoothie to help support your digestive health.


    Apple cider vinegar drinks: Start your day off the right way with a couple of teaspoons of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother mixed into water and lemon juice.


    And when it is drunk before a meal, it can help you to feel fuller for longer, helping to reduce the likelihood of overeating at meal times.


    Kombucha drinks: Kombucha has become really popular over the last couple of years.


    The benefits of drinking kombucha can include helping to support the digestive system.


    Remedy Ginger Lemon Kombucha contains no sugar and is packed full of friendly bacteria.


    The added ingredients of ginger and lemon makes for a hot and sour, fiery and tangy flavour, to give you a healthy kick.


    Cherry drinks: Holland & Barrett Montmorency Cherry Juice Concentrate can be used in smoothies as well as a mixer. Or you could just mix it with water, as a cordial.


    Reassuringly, it contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

    Although drinking both tea and coffee can contribute to your recommended daily intake of water, the caffeine content in both these drinks can also increase your heart rate and blood pressure, which means that they should both be drunk in moderation.


    Luckily there are also plenty of caffeine-free coffee alternatives which means you don’t have to go without your cuppa.


    Caffeine free drinks: One of our most popular options when it comes to no caffeine drinks is a great alternative to coffee.


    Whole Earth Organic No Caffeine Coffee Alternative is made with Italian barley and ground chicory.


    This organic drink can be drunk in exactly the same way as regular coffee.


    Choose to drink it with or without milk or, if you’re following a vegan diet, add a milk alternative such as soya or almond milk, if you prefer a slightly nuttier flavour.


    And because it is free from caffeine, you can drink it at any time of the day, without worrying that it will affect your ability to sleep.