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    Protein bars are a great way to get more protein into your diet. They can also be a tasty way to enjoy a treat even when you are committed to following a healthy eating plan. Browse our range of protein bars from leading brand names in sports nutrition to find the one you'll enjoy most.

    What are protein bars?

    Protein bars are a better choice than traditional chocolate bars, flapjacks or treats due to the protein content. They are made with ingredients which will help you meet your goals, rather than take you away from them; protein powder, natural sweeteners and carbohydrates, and they tend to be lower in fat and added sugars than less healthy choices.

    Benefits of protein bars

    Protein bars are a convenient, portable and tasty way to help meet your protein nutrition requirements during the day. Ideal for busy days when you’re on the go or for keeping in your gym bag, locker or even in your desk drawer. You can always have a protein bar or two on hand for times when a protein shake just isn't convenient, or for when you fancy a treat but still want to stick to your goals.


    You'll find a wide range of delicious and nutritious protein bars here, from leading protein brands who use quality ingredients. Choose the protein bar which suits your goals:

    • Protein and carbohydrate energy bars
    • Low sugar protein bars
    • Vegan and vegetarian protein bars
    • Protein bars
    • Treat or cheat day protein bars
    • Post-workout protein bars
    • Diet protein bars

    Holland & Barrett loves helping you meet your sport and fitness goals with quality protein products at fair prices. Browse our range to find your favourite protein bar, or discover something different to try.

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