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Beard Maintenance

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A beard can completely change a face – for better or worse!


Many people decide to go with either a short or a long beard, and that decision can come with various questions about how to best maintain it.


The key to a healthy looking beard


For well-groomed and healthy looking whiskers, the number one key is a good moisturiser.


A good moisturiser will prevent dry or irritated skin, and keep those locks uniform, shiny, and in their place.


It can also make your beard hair softer and prevent any partners from suffering from beard burn.


Often the best way to moisturise is with beard oil.


The benefits of beard oil


Beard oil is great for nurturing a soft beard that isn’t dry or itchy, as well as for combating beardruff (dandruff on your beard).


Beyond moisturising, natural oils contain a range of nutrients that are beneficial for your beard hair.


In addition, you can use these oils, or beard balms, to style your beard and moustache.


Beard oil can also help with patchiness. It can assist the skin under the beard to thrive by helping issues that may be causing the patchiness.


And while it cannot make your hair grow faster, oils such as jojoba and argan can help create the conditions that foster healthy hair growth.


Some scented beard oils have the added benefit of smelling lovely.


Tips for applying beard oil


At the start of the day, clean your beard. Dry it gently with a towel, then you can apply beard oil.


 After that, give your beard a bit of a brush in order to distribute the oil well.


If you have had a fairly normal, dirt-free day, you can briefly wash your beard before you go to bed then apply a bit of beard oil to work in its nutrients overnight.


Extra beard maintenance tips


Your beard is a trap for dead skin cells, food, dirt, sweat, and more.


Apart from discomfort, these sorts of particles can clog your pores and cause itchiness.


Hence, cleaning your beard thoroughly, on a regular basis (around twice a week) is quite important.


If you have more than a stubble, then brushing or combing is also really helpful.


Beyond styling, combing keeps your beard hair free from knots and tangles, and brushing helps to evenly distribute your skin’s natural oils and trains your beard to grow in the right direction.


Likewise, once you have a decent bush, fairly regularly trimming will help keep your beard in shape, and keep your hairs from splitting and becoming unruly.


Don’t forget your cheek and necklines, which act like the borders or outlines to your face.


When trimming your moustache, try to relax your face and be fairly expressionless. That will assure that the way you cut it works and is even - no matter your expression.


When shaving those cheek and necklines, or in general, be sure to start off with a hot shower or use hot water, if you can, as that ensures the pores are open properly beforehand and that your skin is clean.


Then, splash with some cold water, before applying beard balm or oil.


The advantages of different oils


You can use a range of natural oils, such as coconut, almond, jojoba, argan, and more. But, it is helpful to know the subtle differences between these oils.


Jojoba is the closest to sebum, the natural oil produced by the body.


No matter how long your beard is, the amount of sebum your skin produces remains the same, so longer beards often need this extra help.


Jojoba oil is also great on sensitive skin, is gentle, and contains some essential nutrients and vitamins for developing a thicker, robust beard.


We sell 100% Natural Australian Jojoba Oil. Beyond your beard, this oil and its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties are also great for use on the rest of your face, as well as on your body.


Argan oil works in a similar way.


It is particularly good for helping to promote healthy looking skin.


Argan oil contains eight essential fatty acids and high levels of vitamin E, making it ideal for moisturising and nourishing skin and hair.


It is a non-greasy oil that can add shine to your beard hair and reduce frizz.

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